Fault Finding

At best, an electrical fault is an annoyance and in a worst case scenario, simply dangerous. Whether you have a light that has stopped working or a fuse that blows when you least need it to, I can diagnose your fault and put it right. 

Minor Alterations

Whether you need an extra socket, a replacement light switch or,  a new fused spur for a bathroom heater, I will ensure that it is installed safely.

Garden Power

As the pace of life has increased, our gardens have become evermore important to us as places to escape the hustle and bustle. You may need some external lighting, a supply to your water feature or pond, or it could be that your garage electrics require updating. 

Full Rewires

Every electrical installation has a life span. If you feel the time has come to re-wire your property, I will discuss your requirements and plan a new installation based on your needs. If you have an older style fuse board you should consider upgrading to a modern consumer unit which offers increased protection. 

New Circuits

You may be updating your electric shower or investing in an efficient induction hob. Don't get caught out and assume that the existing circuit will be sufficient to carry the new load.


Lighting is an important element in any home. Aside from the functional aspect, the right type of lighting can enhance the mood of a room or indeed, the whole house. With the advent of LED technology there are more possibilities than ever before. Whether you are considering a single light or perhaps a light automation system, I have the expertise to make your ideas a reality.